At STADA, we’re dedicated to supporting people whose lives have been touched by Parkinson’s disease. This includes patients, families, and carers.

Our products and patient-care support programs are designed to improve the quality of life of both patients and carers.

We’re also committed to investing in treatment advancements that will address the unmet needs of patients throughout their Parkinson’s journey.

With extensive expertise and experience in neurology, we understand that people with Parkinson’s disease often need support for their overall health and wellbeing as well as targeted therapies.

That’s why we’ve developed programs and resources to support the health of patients as well as their carers.

STADA Nurse Advisors

We know patients and carers have many questions – and we want to help demystify what can often feel like a complex, confusing journey.

The STADA Nurse Advisors are a team of professional patient-focused Registered Nurses with expertise in Parkinson’s disease.

The STADA Nurse Advisor program strives to provide the best possible care for patients, carers, and healthcare professionals.

Our team support patients diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in the community through shared care between primary and secondary care centres.

STADA Nurse Advisors can visit patients directly in their home, provide support in clinics, and offer assistance by telephone.

A STADA Nurse Advisor will work in partnership with all relevant healthcare professionals, providing a high-quality service for patients, families, and carers.

By helping patients, families and carers learn more about prescribed medications and other related treatments or therapies, we hope to deliver a positive impact on the community.

To register with a STADA Nurse Advisor in your area, please phone 1800 823 230 or email stadanurse(at)

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For more information about the STADA Nurse Advisor Service, or to register for the iMOVE consumable program, phone 1800 823 230 or email stadanurse(at)

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